1 + 1 ain’t 2: match-making fail

There’s a certain amount of humor on my singleness that I entertain, which for the most part are even self-deprecating and self-referential. Let’s be honest. It’s not a sore topic to discuss when you are quite content with the status quo and, contrary to what some of your friends believe, when you don’t even seem too desperate about it anyway. Singleness is not a problem, hello?

A few days ago, I chatted with my friend online and we were asking each other about how each is doing and all that. She had just given birth a couple or so months ago and is residing abroad with her Aussie partner. Of course the topic of when it would be my turn came up and she goes, “your standards are too high.” Right, I’ve heard that line and I’m quite sick of it, to be honest. So what if they are? You know what’s even funnier? It’s when I told her that my being single now has absolutely nothing to do with these so-called standards. “It may seem hard to believe, but it’s very simple. I don’t meet anyone. In four years in Palawan, I’ve never actually met anybody that pursued me or showed me any interest. Honest.” How hard is it really to believe that I don’t meet people? My life is not dull and is actually very out there, but it is also very routinary. I meet the same people day in and day out. What can I say, Puerto Princesa is a small town.

So about this singleness –don’t you just hate it when people automatically tease you or look at you whenever a single guy, regardless of age or looks, is mentioned or is physically present? Like you have this meeting in church and the whole group is introduced to so and so, and when they find out he is single, they immediately look at you and start making subtle jokes? And I get it. It’s because I’m way too vocal about my lack of dating in Palawan that’s become quite the inside joke with my friends. But when it’s 38 to 45-something, uncle-looking, big-tummy guys that are single that they try to hook you up with, it is NOT funny. I repeat. It is NOT funny and I might as well just go ahead and use my friend’s remark on this case. I have high(er) standards.

“Oh, look. He’s single. He could be a good match to Kz.” “Uy, pwede.” “Mabait naman siya, matalino din naman, pwede na yan.”


Like, why does every single guy automatically become my match when they’re not even my type and it is so glaringly evident that I’m not attracted to them one bit? I am not being harsh here. It’s not about the looks. It’s the fact that they don’t even know me and what I want. It’s the fact that they think, since I’m single, any single guy that comes along becomes a shoo-in prospect. They make me out to be some desperate single girl willing to entertain just about anybody but I’m sorry, that’s not me. I do have standards and certain types, and while I appreciate the thought behind these friendly jokes, because I know they do mean well, I’m just not entertained by them if the underlying motive is to get me to date just anybody for the sake of dating.

Nope, sorry. Believe me when I tell you, I am not desperate.

Friends, I love you, but please have more respect for me and for the kind of guy that I’m praying about. :)

3 thoughts on “1 + 1 ain’t 2: match-making fail

  1. Im super agreeing and since your words best put it… i am going to lead them to this post next time i get… irritated.

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