Rough morning

July 28, 2017

At 8 AM today, I had a medical emergency. I was taking a shower when the unthinkable happened. I went to get my towel from the rack when my right shoulder, which had already two histories of dislocation, got dislocated. The pain was just unbelievable.

To say I was hysterical is an understatement. The pain was so excruciating that even (sorry for this) as I was naked, I had to will myself to get that towel to cover me and I screamed to our staff to wake up Jem who was on the other room. They called an ambulance, tried to reach my ortho doctor who was at this time in surgery, reach out to Doc Sha and all the doctor contacts, and for the next hour, I was just in one corner of the bathroom wailing in pain because the dislocation was severe. I felt so helpless because Jem couldn’t do anything with my pain, there was no doctor on the way, and also no ambulance either. My prayer was just, Lord, please pop this shoulder back in –will try to endure the pain. I failed miserably. I have very low tolerance for pain, and just the same, it was really to a point of screaming. It felt like my shoulder was at the back and I could see how deformed it was. As the minutes tick by, the pain grew worse. Every minute movement, every angle that would affect that shoulder, was just so hellishly painful. I really wailed in pain. That was an hour or so of ordeal. After an hour, Kuya Josh came to apply sling, and then Doc Owie came ready to assist.

I was brought to the ER, which by this time, my shoulder had automatically popped back in. I’m just really devastated today.

There are good things, too. Imagine if it happened and I was by myself. I didn’t have the phone inside the washroom. Who would I call for help? How would I get dressed? It happened that our staff came early, and Jem was also here. Getting dressed was tricky because I couldn’t move my shoulders. What was upsetting was how unavailable emergency services are. None of the ambulances were available.

How do I think it recurred? Well, a year ago, I started joining the others on their badminton game. A year back, I didn’t join because I was afraid that it would worsen my tendonitis. My MRI results from last November did say to avoid any strenuous activity yet somehow, I played. The wear and tear took its toll, and so here we are.

The doctor suggests another MRI to see the extent, and surgery and rehabilitation because this is my third case. The last one happened 2014 during a climb. What a rough way to start this day, but thankful nonetheless.


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