Counting blessings

The remedy to any feeling of loneliness and despair is gratitude –being able to realize just how immensely blessed one is by God that it will cause your heart to well up in gratefulness. That’s really all I want to focus on as I approach my 33rd birthday tomorrow. There is an abundance of things I am grateful to God for, and I don’t want to not recognize them.

I did begin by saying that there is that feeling of loneliness and despair. It happens. It usually comes around this time of the year for me, quite ironic, but something I feel is brought about by circumstances that usually fall around my birth month. Likely coincidental, but for some reason, nearing my birthday, some major life change happens. Like in 2012 where I spent the day before my birthday at the operating room, and then my birthday at the recovery room with my friends. For this year, and right after my birthday, I fly back to Manila for an indefinite period as I finish my medical requirements for my US Visa.

There are a lot of unknowns I’m facing right now and while it is easy to admonish one to not worry, it is often harder to do in reality. Which is why I need as much saturating in God’s word as I can, because I know that the remedy to all my worrying is hearing God’s word and being assured by it. Waiting on God has often been the hardest of all ordeals we face as Christians. I know it is also the most rewarding, so I continue to need prayers as I face this season of waiting.

And in the meantime, I count my blessings. I am loved by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I am his daughter, his princess, the apple of his eye. I am forgiven on the basis of Jesus Christ. I am forever secure. I have two homes –Makati and Palawan. I have a plethora of friends and very close ones who know my heart well. We had a good run in our business and have been very fortunate with our staff. I have my dad this year –something that was threatened at the beginning of the year when he got into a life-altering accident. My mom is still doing well by God’s grace.



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