Get Real

One thing I’ve always tried doing is being honest with how I feel. Really. Because I think this world has enough lies and deceptions and the last thing I want is to deceive myself. After all, I won’t be cheating anyone but myself If I lie about how I feel. And whether I try to mask it, somehow it would always come out.

So what I’m saying is: You can’t force yourself to be happy for someone. You can’t even wish them well if you know you don’t. What hypocrisy. You’re only going to hurt yourself if you try to make yourself believe you can truly, sincerely be happy for somebody at your expense. I say, don’t pretend. Get real. Admit how you feel.

So yes, I’m not happy for you. And I don’t wish you well. But instead of happiness, I wish you wisdom and freedom from your past: let go of sin and love God as you proclaim.

And I mean that, from the bottom of my heart.

So will I see you again? Maybe not. But deep inside I know I’m hoping I do when you have changed for the better. I would even celebrate with you.

Cheers to being real!



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