Small Talk

Because sometimes, the deepest aches of our heart are borne out of normal conversations such as these:

Guy friend: I hope you meet the guy who will win your heart….

KZ: They’re not even fighting for it, that’s what’s missing. They do all these sweet gestures short of total commitment. I think it’s also because they want to be careful around me and I appreciate that, but I can’t wait to meet a guy who will just give it his all to win my heart —someone who’ll fight for it. I’ve never had that. I’ve had guys who want to win me over for a short time, but not really work hard for it. And I guess it’s my fault, too. Ang dali ko kasing bumigay noon. Not anymore.

I love that they make the effort. I love that they take time. But if it’s only going to be temporary, if it’s only something that’s fleeting, something they do “now” because they feel it, a passion that is very short-lived, demands no total commitment, requires no great risk on their part, then I’d rather have none of it.

It’s all or nothing. That’s what great love is supposed to be.

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