My Mountain Climbs

My first real exposure to the outdoors and to mountains in particular was back in 2004 when I climbed a mountain in Davao from Kapatagan. It was a 12-day mission climb to the tribe of Matigsalug. A year later, I went on another climb for 12 days in the mountains of Palawan. At that time, I didn’t know that I was actually already being groomed to be a mountaineer. I was naturally athletic and adventurous, but I didn’t see myself going for this hobby. 

In 2008, after some short treks in Pinatubo and in Banaue, something changed in me. I was becoming more accustomed to the outdoors, with the occasional screams from flying insects, and I had developed a deeper appreciation and love for the mountains. After my first major climb in Pulag, I just knew in my heart that I had found something I wanted to do long term. What followed after that was a passion to climb the mountains in the Philippines, with each new mountain presenting different climbing conditions. I belong to a group of Christian climbers called Climbing for Christ Philippines and I have been seriously climbing for almost 10 years now. I’m continually learning with every climb and I enjoy writing about it.

In this page I would direct you to links of some of the mountains I’ve climbed and the reflections I had for each of them. Those without links are either only shown in pictures in my Facebook, or have yet to be written. 


20 thoughts on “My Mountain Climbs

  1. hello good day!! do you have any mountain trek plans this coming weekend, My friend Yayi and I are planning to do some trekking but sadly, It is very pricey to book for two. I was hoping if you have any arrangements for this weekend or in the future. I’m really hoping to get some experience about mountain climbing. Thank you :)love your blogs!!!

  2. Hi Aien. Sorry for getting back to you just now; i just came from a long mission climb in Benguet. Do you have a group or have you already undertaken a basic mountaineering course? I’d love to invite you to our group if you want so you can know more about it. I guess the first step would be to get your training. :)

    Thanks for reading!

  3. hi there girl! i’ve been thinking of climbing mt mantalinajan, palawan next week. Any advice? Umaakyat ako pero not so active eh so I’m kinda worried na baka masyadong technical ang trail dun. Any advice? Also, Ive learned from that it’s difficulty scale is 9/9 with rock climbing. I am not sure if I could visit your site kasi I’m not online most of the time so if you can,patext na lang sa akin your advice at 09277497070 or email….. Salamat!

  4. Hi enid?

    You know what, I haven’t been to Mantalingajan myself. My friends have been there and like what Gideon said in PinoyM, it is difficult, 9/9 and will definitely require you experience, enough training, and 6-7days to complete. I would advise not to go there first only because like you said, you haven’t climbed in a while? Are you Palawan-based, though? Will you be with some people on your climb? I can refer you to some people I know from Palawan who are mountaineers; perhaps they’re the best people to talk to or ask for advice cause they climb there regularly, if I’m not mistaken. hope this helps!

  5. Hi!!My friend from holland and I are planning to go Rock Climbing in Wawa Montalban.Is it advisable to go rock climb ths Feb?I really love reading ur blog,,And ooppss my last rock climbing experienced was like 4 years ago…Kaya hindi ko alam ano mangyari sa akin ths time..Bahala na si batman:)

  6. Hello! Yes, it’s nice around Feb kasi hindi siya mainit and also not rainy. :) Thanks for reading. So may gears na kayo and everything? :)

  7. Hi KZ, this is me again.Just wondering,Is anybody welcome to join “Climbing for Christ Philippines” ? If so,how?

  8. Hi Glow. Yes! Anybody can join the group. Go to and send in your details (become a member). The president, Gary Fallsen, will direct you to the Philippine chapter through our coordinator Sir Ace Concordia. When you’re a member online, automatically you become a member of C4C Phils din. :-)

  9. Hi Kz i found your blog about kibungan and its so nice…
    Would it be possible if you can share your Itinerary and contacts regarding the climb?
    I believe your group traversed from kibungan to la union.
    Really hoping for your response since we will be doing the same route to

  10. Hi Wang. Quick note to let you know I read your comment. Just out right now but will get back to you soon. :-) I’ll give you Kolbel’s number, he’s the person to contact for anything Kibungan. :-)

  11. Hi Ms. KZ. I am a Christian and a self- professed Mountaineer. It’s been a year since i started climbing mountains and I am really enjoying it. I was searching the net for my next climb when i came across your blog. Is C4C Philippines still active? How can I join this group? Thanks and God bless.

  12. Hi Joanne! You can like the Climbing for Christ Phils page and I’ll ask someone from our group to send you a message. :-)

  13. I agree with this post, you must think very wisely when choosing the right things that you bring with you while on a trip. I bought my hawk gear mountaineering backpack at goods. ph, and I’m very happy about that because I can bring the things I want without hassle.

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