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Life at a blink of an eye

I’ll use the first sentence from a friend’s email which greeted me today, “Life is happening at an incredible rate of warp speed, I hear it going on, people running all around, a blur of busyness and purpose….”  It’s my first day today since I left work, something I’ve been looking forward to since last… Continue reading Life at a blink of an eye

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Taxi encounters #1: Hill or hell?

My taxi driver this morning was so perky and full of energy. So he was singing this Tagalog religious song and asked me, “anong relihiyon mo?” (What’s your religion?) I said, “Christian po. Baptist.” And then he goes, “Ah, anong mga kanta niyo dun? Meron ba kayong Purihin ang Diyos?” (What songs do you sing?… Continue reading Taxi encounters #1: Hill or hell?